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10mm Profile

10mm X 10mm profile Clear anodized

Select 900mm for standard.

Or select a length.

10mm Profile, black

10mm X 10mm Profile Black Anodized

Select 900mm for standard

Or select a length

2mm Hex Key

Works with the M3 Button head screw.

One piece

Bracket with 1/4'' clearance hole

 This bracket has a 1/4" (6.4mm) clearance hole.


This item is out of stock
Button Head Cap Screw

Stainless steel M3 X 5mm long.

Includes lock washer.

Package of 40

Cap Head Screws with Washers and Hex Key

 Stainless steel M3 X 5mm long.

Includes lock washer and 2.5mm Hex Key

Package of 40

Circuit Board Standoff Set

Set of 4 standoffs with washers.

Sized for small boards such as arduino.

For boards with 1/8" holes.

Clears components close to mounting holes.

Elbow Hinge

 The hinge axis is centered on the edge of the profile.

This joint has 180 degrees of rotation.

Bushing supports 3mm OD shafting.

Requires two for a complete joint.

Joining Bracket 90 Degree

10mm x 10mm x 12mm 2 holes

Package of 10

This item is out of stock
Joining Plate ''L

20mm by 30mm 4 holes

Package of 10

Joining Plate Corner style

30mm X 30mm 5 hole

Package of 8

Joining Plate Truss Style

30mm X 40mm 6 holes

Package of 8

Knuckle Hinge

The knuckle hinge allows end-to-end pivoting of profiles.

+/- 90 degrees of rotation.

Bushing works with 3mm OD shafting.

Need 2 to build a complete knuckle.

M3 x 3mm Set Screw Set

 Set screw package of 24 with hex key.