Here are some images of projects using MicroRAX.


Xbot Meccanum chassis



Xbot 4 Wheel Chassis



Ipad stand


Bin Rack

Bin Rack.  Custom rack holds bins above packaging workstation.  Uses mostly the "L" style joining plate.



Optical Slit.  A quick assembly for a time critical application where design and machining would have taken too long. As a prototype application not all specifications were defined so having an adjustable system was helpful.




Sensor Mount using our machined prototype profile.  Holds a sensor in a very confined area.  The camera would barely fit!



Air Valve Bracket.  Holds a cam actuated valve to drive a clamping cylinder.  Only one hole was drilled on the original equipment.  Very easy to adjust to match existing holes for attachment.    Very secure and rigid.




Box Flap Restraint.  10 minute assembly made quick work of a nasty job.  Will save hours of labor per year and prevents boxes from bulging or splitting during packing.  Simple and effective.


Big Truss.  Mostly for fun, just to see how MicroRAX works in a larger structure. 12 foot span about 2 hours to build.  Very light weight.  MicroRAX is best for projects 18" cubed or smaller.  Bigger concepts should use a larger profile cross section.