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10mm Profile

10mm X 10mm profile Clear anodized

Select 900mm for standard.

Or select a length.

10mm Profile, black

10mm X 10mm Profile Black Anodized

Select 900mm for standard

Or select a length

2mm Hex Key

Works with the M3 Button head screw.

One piece

Bracket with 1/4'' clearance hole

 This bracket has a 1/4" (6.4mm) clearance hole.


This item is out of stock
Button Head Cap Screw

Stainless steel M3 X 5mm long.

Includes lock washer.

Package of 40

Cap Head Screws with Washers and Hex Key

 Stainless steel M3 X 5mm long.

Includes lock washer and 2.5mm Hex Key

Package of 40

Circuit Board Standoff Set

Set of 4 standoffs with washers.

Sized for small boards such as arduino.

For boards with 1/8" holes.

Clears components close to mounting holes.

Joining Plate ''L

20mm by 30mm 4 holes

Package of 10

Joining Plate Corner style

30mm X 30mm 5 hole

Package of 8

Joining Plate Truss Style

30mm X 40mm 6 holes

Package of 8

M3 x 3mm Set Screw Set

 Set screw package of 24 with hex key.

Mounting Bracket 1/4-20

Simple bracket lets you attach MicroRAX to photographic accesories with 1/4"-20 male threads.

Includes two single hole nut plates, screws and washers.

Rubber Bumper Set

Rubber Bumpers Set of 4

Protect your MicroRAX project.

This item is out of stock

Joins three profiles at 90 degrees

to form a cubical corner 

Vinyl Cap

10mm X 10mm X 20mm cap

Package of 10